About Us

It was founded in 1978 in Miami, Florida by Mr. Luis M Latour, an Architect and entrepreneur who believed that we must be pro-active about planet conservation for our children children’s.

Our company’s mission is to educate every consumer that water should not be used in their cooling system. Water is a limited natural resource that should be used exclusively in our daily lives. All types of waters whether they are distilled, purified or de-mineralized causes corrosion and oxidation when used on engines, cooling systems or any components made from metals. Now is the time to start being more conscious of our environment and to take better care of our cars. Use Freezetone Products!

Freezetone Products manufacture radiator coolants and additives for combustible engines, gasoline or diesel.

As a new Minority member, we will like to share this unique technology that not only will save and prolong the life or our planet, but it will save a lot of money to companies who have fleets of vehicles, machinery or equipment that require engine coolant.

Freezetone Products USA principal’s aim is to educate the consumer about using regular tap water, which is bad for their vehicle. For that reason, an environmentally safe formula- was developed for the specific needs of different applications and climates. Freezetone Products offer the best variety of formulas that protect engines against Rust, Oxidation, Corrosion and Electrolysis caused by the usage of tap water, instead of the appropriate product.

Freezetone Products USA are formulated with the latest technology of metal protection through OAT (Organic Acid Technology) nontoxic, environmentally friendly green product, and USADA certified under the Bio-Based program.

Safe to Use for Your Vehicle

Our products are safe to use with cast iron, steel, aluminum, copper, brass, magnesium and old or late vehicles models including those using aluminum alloys engines. All of our products meet and exceed the highest International ASTM standards. All of our products are “ready to use” and compatible with all Antifreeze/Coolants brands and colors of the OEM or after market.

Optimal Temperature Control

Antifreeze Coolant is a very expensive product and more so one of the must contaminant and toxic product in the planet. Southern states do not require the usage of Anti-Freeze because they don’t have low temperatures below cero degree during winter time, but they need a very good coolant to protect their vehicles from Rust, Oxidation and Electrolysis caused by the usage of tap water.

Production & Manufacturing

Our fully automated blending manufacturing facility located in Doral, Florida, is capable of producing 54,000 gallons per day, using 3 working shifts of 8 hours each. Located in Miami, we have access to the 3 major ports of South East Coast corridor and using inland freight we can supply our products on time.

Competitive Positioning

Our just in time mode of fabrication positions our product in a very competitive price range, allowing us to increase our production capacity to the maximum, while giving an opportunity to many people to find a good stable job in our company. Additionally, it further allows us to contribute to our local economy and once again save our planet for our children children’s.

Certifications and Memberships

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